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What happens when SoundSpectrum releases new versions of a software product?

Special Collections Request System (Aeon)

Will I be able to install an older version? May I use a SoundSpectrum product on more than one computer at a time? General Can Aeon auto-detect audio activity and visualize it? What is SoundSpectrum Audio Cable? Can Aeon visualize a line-in or other audio feeds? Can Aeon visualize audio from a mic, a line-in, or another program?

On Windows, can I visualize "stereo mix" audio? How do I change the fullscreen resolution settings? How do I specify which display device Aeon uses for full screen? Can the full screen Aeon window span multiple monitors? Can Aeon run in full screen mode on my second monitor while I work on the first monitor?

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How do I save Aeon screen shots to a specific folder? How do I adjust the V-Bar audio input settings? Performance How can I increase Aeon's frame rate? Why doesn't my audio player respond to my frame rate settings? Customizing What do I use to write and edit configs? Where is the Aeon engine folder? Where does Aeon store user data? How do I rename, clone, or otherwise edit Categories and Themes? How do I create my own scenes?

Is there a way to automatically store certain combinations of effects for recall? What if I'm having a problem with Aeon that's not listed here? Aeon is a music visualization plug-in for media players, rich with content variety, color, and artistic depth. Aeon is filled with a diverse range of visual imagery, imagination and possibility. As well as providing a wide range of visual content, Aeon uses SoundSpectrum's high-performance drawing engine, allowing rapid professional-caliber content development. In general, any computer made within the last years will run Aeon.

Since Aeon requires certain graphics hardware features, you should install and try the free trial version of Aeon before you consider purchasing it. If the free trial version of Aeon runs on your system, then the paid version will also. Note that some older Macs may lack the graphics hardware needed in order to run Aeon, but you can use the trial version of Aeon to ensure that it runs to your satisfaction.

Aeon Gold and Aeon Platinum are enhanced versions of Aeon that offer many special features and functions not available in the free trial version of Aeon.

Aeon Gold and Aeon Platinum have dozens of exclusive visual configurations, half a million more visual combinations, and additional functionality and complexity. You can visit our upgrade page to learn more about Aeon Gold and Aeon Platinum. Users of Aeon Gold and Aeon Platinum also have access to technical support and free updates for a full year. It's easy to upgrade to Aeon Gold or Aeon Platinum.

The Gnostic Gospels

Simply go to the Aeon Gold upgrade page and follow the instructions. We currently offer secure credit card payment backed by VeriSign and also accept PayPal. If you do not want to purchase online, you can contact us for alternate payment instructions. Our Aeon free trial does not expire for use. You may feel free to install it without giving us any of your personal information and use it for as long as you like. Though, please note that, along with reduced functionality and disabled features that are fully available in our paid versions, the in-program advertising does increase over time.

All of our products are under continuous development and have undergone many iterations since the first code written in Aeon Free Trial, Aeon Gold, and Aeon Platinum are licensed only for non-commercial, personal use on a personal computer. Any public display, performance, or commercial use of Aeon is strictly prohibited unless written permission is granted by SoundSpectrum. We are happy to offer licenses for commercial use to users who want to use Aeon commercially, upon request. If you receive no response from us, your email provider may be forwarding our responses to your spam folder.

Please search your spam folder, mark our emails as not spam or add "soundspectrum. The Aeon engine offers a powerful C-style API that allows third party developers to drop in the Aeon engine into their own applications with less than a page of code. If your company is interested in using Aeon to enhance your application's user experience, then we can get you our SDK for engineering evaluation. We recommend that you use your computer's "copy and paste" functions, but if you enter your license code by hand, please double check your entry and please do not use spaces within your entry.

Install this new version of Aeon when prompted, enter your license code! Please note that Mac OS X To access it, go to Finder, click on "Go" in the menu at the top of your screen, and press and hold the "Option" key. Click "Library" to access this folder.

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Unfortunately, some computers just don't have the graphics hardware required to run Aeon. If you're using a computer that's more than a few years old or has low-grade graphics hardware, then Aeon will probably not run on your system. If the free trial version of Aeon runs well on your system, then the paid version will also run well on your system, so download and try the free trial of Aeon in order to make sure it runs to your satisfaction.

In general, almost every Mac and PC manufactured within the last years contains the graphics hardware that Aeon requires. On Windows, Aeon requires at least Direct3D pixel shader model 3 which is determined by what graphics hardware is present. If Aeon is having a problem running on your computer, the first step to resolve it is getting SoundSpectrum engineers technical information about your computer.

Our software contains functionality to automatically write out your system's hardware profile to a text file, but it must be manually activated. This allows you to simply copy and paste this information into a SoundSpectrum support ticket, making it possible for SoundSpectrum to troubleshoot your problem.

Please follow the below steps to ensure that your support ticket gets the best analysis possible: If you haven't already, open a new SoundSpectrum support ticket and thoroughly describe the problem you're having. Be detailed. The more details and information you provide, the more likely SoundSpectrum will be able to assess your problem.

Start Aeon in your media player or Aeon Standalone. You should see several lines of small white text appear within Aeon.

If you don't see this text, ensure that Aeon has keyboard focus. If you're using Windows Media Player, enter full screen mode while Aeon is running in order for your key presses to be effective. On your desktop, you should now see a file named "SoundSpectrum Log. Note that if you are unable to generate the "SoundSpectrum Log.

When Aeon starts while the above keys are pressed, you will see several lines of small white text printed to the screen and "SoundSpectrum Log. No, your ability to use the version of Aeon you have purchased and installed never expires, and you may use Aeon on your personal computer in perpetuity. Your license code also provides you with the ability to download all new updates to Aeon free of charge for one full year after the purchase date, directly from our website.

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It is this download access that expires one year after the purchase date and not your ability to install and run what you have already downloaded. If you wish to continue to have download access for new versions of Aeon after the first year, you may renew your license code for another year of download access. You will always be able to reinstall the version of Aeon you have already downloaded, using your license code. No, you will always be able to use the version of Aeon you have installed for as long as you operate your computer, provided that your operating system and media player software are compatible.

Renewing your license code for continued download access to new releases is up to you. We update our software many times throughout the year with new features, additional visual content, technical enhancements, and bug fixes. No, your version of Aeon will always work, provided you have not updated or changed your operating system or media player software to a different version that is not compatible. If you choose not to renew your download access when it expires a year after the purchase date, then you must make a backup copy of Aeon to use for reinstallation in the event of a system crash or to install it onto a new computer it is standard procedure to back up files in case of a system crash.

It is particularly important to back up your downloaded Aeon files prior to your free download access expiring one year after purchase. We do not provide older versions for download and we will not be able to provide a replacement if your system crashes and your download access has expired.

Aeon's End - Digital Tabletop Game by Handelabra Games — Kickstarter

If you renew your license code, however, then you do not need to back up Aeon because you will be able to download the latest version from our website. When a SoundSpectrum software product is installed, you will be prompted to enter the license code that was issued with the product. After you enter it, the installer will transmit what you entered to SoundSpectrum in order to check that it's a valid license code.

SoundSpectrum's validation system does not collect, transmit, or retain any identifying information, and its sole purpose is to prevent software piracy. License code validation strictly only occurs during the installation process and exists solely to reduce software piracy. Checking for updates is a separate and unrelated process where a SoundSpectrum product anonymously connects only while it is running to soundspectrum-updates. Although the automatic checking for updates is completely anonymous, you can disable it in the product's settings at any time.

Special Collections Request System (Aeon)

Since the purpose of SoundSpectrum's validation system is to prevent software piracy, license code validation is mandatory. When you install a SoundSpectrum product, you will be required to enter the license code that was issued with the product. You will be unable to install the product without this license code or if your computer cannot access the Internet during the installation process. After purchasing your product you were sent an email containing your new license code and download instructions. Spara som favorit.

The full story of man's attempt to discover the moment that time began, from James Ussher's confident assertion in that the world was 5, years old to the Hubble Space telescope's images of a world 13 billion years old, with a starry cast of eccentrics, mystics, scientists and visonaries. The moment of the beginning of time is one of science's Holy Grails, pursued by devotees and obsessives across the ages. Few were more committed than Bishop James Ussher who lost his sight in his 50 year quest, laboriously outlined in his Latin pages of Annals - a chronology of all known history - that is now famous only for one spectacularly inaccurate date: BC, the creation of the world.

Theology failed Ussher, just as it thwarted Theophilus of Antioch and many others before him. Geology was next to fail the test of time: the Comte de Buffon, working out the rate at which the earth was supposed to have cooled came up with age of 74, years even though he suspected this was far too little.

Biology had a go in the eighteenth century in the hands of Johann Scheuchzer, who alleged that a fossil he had found was of a man at the time of Noah's flood; regrettably what he had was a large salamander.