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Click on "Uniform Timeline" below for the original Database, a chronological listing of the Packers' uniforms since Main Blog Uniform Timeline. Contact Us Click here to send questions, hot tips or suggestions for future articles. The Story So Far Chance Michaels is a native New Yorker who spent many of his formative years in Milwaukee and developed a lifelong interest in the region's sporting history. When not immersing himself in old game programs, wire service photos and newspaper archives, he produces theatre Off-Broadway, and was formerly a contributor to The Onion.

Also, the Stick had its own appeal in history and experience and Levi's has its own. I know I won't be picking one over the other. Levi's Stadium does not fail to disappoint, however it is so overpriced that one has to save up for one game event We found ourselves spending more time watching the jumbo-tron which makes me wonder why we just didn't stay home and watch it on the big screen at a local bar.

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If it weren't for the tailgating, good friends and the energy of being at a live game, I'd pass it up but the experience is pretty cool as you walk through the gates and are gifted a collectable item- for this Thanksgiving game we got a special San Francisco 49ers scarf, nice touch, but we definitely paid for it. I am not a 49ers fan, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the first regular season game ever at Levi's Stadium.

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I have been to 2 other 49ers' games at Candlestick and this stadium is definitely a major improvement. Pros: Stadium is beautiful, the technology built in to enhance the experience like food ordering or viewing the best lines to go to for concessions or bathrooms, the sound, audio, and video is clear, there are plenty of tvs throughout so you don't miss a moment of the game, and the view from every seat is amazing. Cons: Of course the cost to build the stadium is reflected in the ticket prices and the food and beverages. I even wanted to try out the express pickup and the seat delivery, but my phone battery died.

I heard Levi's Stadium had charging stations like at the airport, but it ended up being just outlets where you have to bring your own charging cord. Location also sucks for people who are coming from San Francisco on public transportation as you have to take Caltrain and VTA. And finally there were no signs or anyone directing us to the right direction to get back on the VTA that we ended up going the wrong direction before having to back track a long way through a huge crowd just to get to the entrance.

Levi's Stadium is the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Don't judge the stadium from the outside. When you enter this venue, you can tell that they took their time accommodating their customers. But the WiFi wasn't that great during the game.

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Still bugs in their system. Overall, I would recommend checking out this stadium. The game was awesome. It was amazing to visit the new Levi stadium. This was my first time purchasing standing room only tickets.

We were able to watch the game from the top of the stadium as well as from the lower deck which offered great views. I would defiantly go again!! I went with family and a 5 year old child and we all had a great time! I recommend downloading the Levi's stadium app for in seat delivery. Awesome new stadium. Got their 3 hours ahead of game, was able to tailgate in the parking lot. They need to communicate the stops coming in and the where the lines begin going out better. With the exception of the loss, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I cannot wait to attend more games, and other events there. The parking experience needs work, but it can only be fixed with trial and error. The stadium is breathtaking! It felt like there wasn't a bad seat in the house!

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Standing room is just as fun as having seats! Although 49ers lost, we had a blast at the game!! Thanks Levi's Stadium! I enjoyed the game very much. Even though we lost. Can't wait til next time. This was an excellent opportunity to watch the 49ers play their last season at the Candlestick Park. The seats were great to see a full view of the entire game, and the crowd was enthusiastic and thrilling!

Besides the one guy that set behind me who obviously got drunk tailgating before the game. Of course as a die-hard 49ers, you just happy to be at Candlestick Park and be part of last season play there. Hope they will be in the playoff race and I can come back there. Had one of the best times in my life the 49ers fans r the best.

The game was so great Seeing ur best player in real life and see them become champions of the west. Make sure To wear a sweater it's chilly in the bay plus in the parking lot u can see great views of the bay And seeing the bay is a plus I love this city and team I wanna come back for the playoffs.

We had the best experience we could even imagine not knowing what we went into. Impressed by the friendly nature of fans and staff. This was my first time at the 49ers Stadium and everything was excellent. The 49ers fans were polite to the NYGiants fans.

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The SF provides shuttles to the stadium, no long lines to enter into the stadium. People were polite and fun. Me and my husband had a great time. Definately, we will go back again. It's an old stadium, but very well made. This was an unforgetable experience. A home game at Candlestick Park with a great victory over the Lions!

Excellent game, excellent seats Lower East stands are the best deal if you don't mind the visitors fans crying while the 49ers whoop their team! You're watching the Niners!

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Anything for our team, right?! Who's got it better than us? Other than the final result, it was an awesome experience to be there! If you ever find yourself fortunate to be in the seat I had, row 5 on the 20 yard line below the press box- you will LOVE it. Easily the greatest live football event I've ever attended; from tailgate to end of game, the entire experience was incredible.

An incredible performance by both the Saints and 49ers and amazing late-game drama that will be hard to replicate. One of the most enjoyable live entertainment experiences of my life. This was mine and my friend's very first NFL game ever. As two 23 year old girls, we had a blast. The fans were amazing. I could not ask for a better first experience.

Great day for a football game. Just wish the Cards could have pulled it off. Went there to see my Cardinals play their division rivals.

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Great experience. Niner fans were very helpful in tips for transportation, etc.. The Niner fans were a class act in my book except the two girls yelling at us on the way out, but I doubt they are real Niner fans anyway. Thanks San Fran for a great experience and for your hospitality.

Will do this again. We went all the way from Sweden to se this game. And it was awesome! Good game and a fun experience. Couldn't have been a better experience. The game was exciting, the seats were great and the weather was perfect!

Go Niners! It was my dream to go to Candlestick Park for years and it was incredible. Everybody behave really good even thought in my party we had 3 Seahawks fan. Please, please, please build a new stadium, some where, any where. This was my first 49'er game and my first trip to The Stick since ' Man, that place is a dump. It was a dump in '84! Getting in and out is a nightmare, and we were in a bus.