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This is only to signify that they have something to do with the twin flame journey — not that they are a different kind of twin flame. False twin flames are discussed in detail in another article; and near twin flames, heart catalysts, and pre-twin flames are the same thing said in different ways. Your Twin Flame is the one person who shares half of your once androgynous soul. One of you had the dominantly masculine energy and the other had the feminine.

They share the same unique individual piece of consciousness with you on the soul level that sets you apart from other souls. This is why you and your twin flame are one in a different way than you are with the rest of the universe — because you share the same soul.

Complete description of the Twin Flame connection | Inspired Awareness

Your soul is a unique piece of Divine consciousness — a small part of God, in other words. WIthout separation of consciousness, there could not and would not be an experience of doing more than one thing. However, by us all having our own unique, separate, yet connected, souls consciousness , we could not be having so many experiences all at once. Twin flames are like the identical twin of your soul and sometimes look like twins physically, even if they are different colors or ethnic backgrounds.

When you meet it resembles coming into close intimate contact with an angel and triggers a heart opening, and begins a full kundalini awakening. If one twin flame began the kundalini awakening before the meeting, it will just speed up the full completion of the process for them. This is different than just having your third eye open. This is the only reliable sign of having met your twin flame, though there is no proof that it actually has to happen that way. It is worth noting that one or both of you may also experience the heart-kundalini awakening through contact with their higher self.

If they are not incarnated physically, by this time you will know and will not have a problem with it. If someone is your twin flame, you will not have to know they are your twin flame in order to treat them like they are, unless possibly there are some intense ego problems going on.

Twin Souls, the most unromantic yet greatest love story you will ever live

You may also know you are twin flames based on this: You will just know that the love you share can not ever be outmatched and nobody can come close to comparing to them, and in the end no labels will matter. The only one that will be there is Divine Love as intimate and perfect as it can be in this imperfect world. However, for the sake of this article, we will discuss near twin flames. Once you meet your twin flame you will see there is not really much comparison to make between them and any other soul connection.

They commonly come after a third eye awakening and upon meeting, you feel a special connection with them that is different than a normal karmic partner. On the other hand, they may simply take advantage of your feelings for them and use and abuse you emotionally or physically if it will be beneficial to them in some way. The love in these connections is usually not strong enough to bring enough willpower on one or both sides that is needed to overcome the kind of obstacles that twin flames face, such as distance, separation, disagreements caused by family, monetary problems, racism, and so on.

Or they might be compatible on the soul level, but not be aware they love you at all, because the love is only there on the soul level.

If they are disconnected from their soul then they may not feel any kind of love or attraction to you, unless there is a materialistic reason for them to be attracted. You may be wondering how anyone can love you if not even a soulmate this close can love you?

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So you begin searching for answers inside yourself, and through the Divine, which opens you up to meeting your twin flame, and prepares you for the kundalini awakening that comes with it. Now we will list the similarities between twin flames and near twin flames, and how those similarities are different, in order to ease the confusion that anyone may have.

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  7. To connect with your Twin Flame on a deeper level and clear blockages to union book a Twin Flame Healing with us. To add to the confusion, most articles and videos out there today are actually about near twin flames, by people who most likely have not met their twin flame, because they are convinced that a near twin flame is what a twin flame is. Because you have to let go of the near twin flame in order to love yourself, and love yourself in order to let go of them. Being born in this world with amnesia, twin souls have to find out why they would feel a strong emotional, physical and spiritual connection.

    When the meaning of a term has become so distorted that it has lost it’s true meaning

    Even with immense spiritual awakening they forget who they are. Luckily there are some twin souls waking up and recognizing who they are and why they are here. You will know who your twin soul is because you will sense love beyond anything you have imagined before.

    You will go through a heightened inner awakening , all your chakras will activate, this is known as kundalini awakening. You are not here to form a relationship with your twin soul but rather a complete union to complete your mission on Earth. Being in a twin soul union is not for fainthearted. When twin souls join together in union, they encounter many difficult challenges. Although they are very compatible soul wise, they tend to find themselves in unique circumstances.

    They may have gaps in age or come from different cultures. Twin souls are here to redo the template for relationships here on Earth. They join together in union to break down old social patterns and belief systems, to restore the planet to peace, harmony, unconditional love and balance. You are lucky I would say , experiencing divine love in its purest form.

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    I met my twin flame for the third time now. I felt my heart, not ticking, but growing bigger! And I felt her heart inside mine! She just left and I feel numb. I think back about the damage done to me in my past. It suddenly seems further away. I feel truly happy now.

    When the meaning of a term has become so distorted that it has lost it’s true meaning

    I hope it lasts. It may take time. I have no doubt I am with mine. I was a serial philanderer and now no other woman even sparks a tiny interest.